Jessica & Miles- Engagement-Colorado

So, in all my years of shooting, there are not many shoots that I have been looking forward to more than this one. One, because it meant I got to do some shooting in Colorado during the winter, and two, because I got to capture the love of two of my great friends, Miles & Jessica.

(Let me preface this with telling you that I get to take credit for these two meeting!)

Anyway… we set out on our adventure last weekend. We started with a stop at Monument Rocks in Western Kansas. None of us had been there before, so our drive there led to some interesting wrong directions. But, when we got there it was pretty darn cool, and made for some awesome pictures.

After that, we continued on to Colorado. Our first photo stop was this cute chapel outside of Estes Park, but the crazy amount of wind cut that stop a little short. From there, we visited Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was frozen over, so that made the prefect spot for dancing. Then we hit up Sprague Lake, which had some gorgeous views of the Rockys.

The next morning we made one more stop in Boulder, Flagstaff Mountain. It was a little warmer and offered some gorgeous views… but really are there any bad views in Colorado? Check out some of my favorites from the weekend!


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