Vieyra Wedding-Salina, KS

Alright! I am finally getting around to wrapping up 2016. I can’t think of a better couple to end the year with. I was so excited to get to shoot Liz and James wedding. They have been a great couple in the church to watch grow together, so having a very “CrossPoint” wedding seemed very fitting. One of the only things Liz wanted for her big day was snow, and she got it! Props to these guys for bearing the cold and rain to take some outdoor photos.Enjoy some of my favorites from the day!2017-01-18_00332017-01-18_00352017-01-18_00372017-01-18_00392017-01-18_00412017-01-18_00432017-01-18_00452017-01-18_00472017-01-18_00492017-01-18_00512017-01-18_00532017-01-18_00552017-01-18_00572017-01-18_00592017-01-18_00612017-01-18_00632017-01-18_00652017-01-18_00672017-01-18_00692017-01-18_00712017-01-18_00732017-01-18_00752017-01-18_00772017-01-18_00792017-01-18_00812017-01-18_00832017-01-18_00852017-01-18_00872017-01-18_00892017-01-18_00912017-01-18_00932017-01-18_01002017-01-18_01022017-01-18_01042017-01-18_01062017-01-18_01082017-01-18_01102017-01-18_01122017-01-18_01142017-01-18_01162017-01-18_01182017-01-18_01202017-01-18_01222017-01-18_01242017-01-18_01262017-01-18_01282017-01-18_01302017-01-18_01322017-01-18_01342017-01-18_01362017-01-18_01382017-01-18_01422017-01-18_0144

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