LeRoy Wedding-Colby, KS

Well, photography season has finally begun to slow down, so I am finishing up my last few things from the fall, including this gorgeous wedding. I had such a great time with Chelsy and Kyle at their wedding out in Colby. It was a little bit chilly, but everyone did such a great job pulling the wedding off. I just loved all of the fall colors they incorporated into their day- check out that and more here:2017-01-02_00022017-01-02_00042017-01-02_00062017-01-02_00082017-01-02_00102017-01-02_00122017-01-02_00142017-01-02_00232017-01-02_00252017-01-02_00272017-01-02_00292017-01-02_00312017-01-02_00332017-01-02_00352017-01-02_00372017-01-02_00392017-01-02_00412017-01-02_00432017-01-02_00452017-01-02_00472017-01-02_00492017-01-02_00512017-01-02_00532017-01-02_00552017-01-02_00572017-01-02_00592017-01-02_00612017-01-02_00632017-01-02_00652017-01-02_00672017-01-02_00692017-01-02_00712017-01-02_00732017-01-02_00752017-01-02_00772017-01-02_00792017-01-02_00812017-01-02_00832017-01-02_00852017-01-02_00872017-01-02_00892017-01-02_00912017-01-02_0093

One thought on “LeRoy Wedding-Colby, KS

  1. Conrad & Betty Kough says:

    It was a very pretty wedding & it was well planned. All the wedding party looked so nice. We certainly wish Kyle & Chelsy are very happy together from Grandma & Grandad Kough. We love you both very much.

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