Kiersten & Derick-Engagement-Scott City, KS

Sometimes I get the chance to head out west to shoot some photos. Honesty moment-sometimes thinking about the drive overwhelms me a bit… but every time the people I meet and the pictures we make make the drive so worth it. Kiersten and Derick were no exception. I met them in Scott City for a few pictures in the State Park before we headed out to Derick’s farm for the rest. I had such a great time with these two. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did! 2016-11-06_00602016-11-06_00612016-11-06_00622016-11-06_00632016-11-06_00642016-11-06_00652016-11-06_00662016-11-06_00672016-11-06_00682016-11-06_00692016-11-06_00702016-11-06_00712016-11-06_00722016-11-06_00732016-11-06_00742016-11-06_00752016-11-06_00762016-11-06_00772016-11-06_00782016-11-06_00792016-11-06_00802016-11-06_00812016-11-06_00822016-11-06_00832016-11-06_00842016-11-06_00852016-11-06_00862016-11-06_00872016-11-06_00882016-11-06_00892016-11-06_00902016-11-06_00912016-11-06_00922016-11-06_00932016-11-06_00942016-11-06_00952016-11-06_00962016-11-06_00972016-11-06_0098

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