Tiffany-Senior-Salina Central

Whew-finally starting to get closer to being caught up, because I just saw this girl on Saturday! Tiffany is such an incredible girl. While serving as her mentor I got to know her pretty well. She is one of the smartest, hard working and kind girls I know. (Though she tries to play mean sometimes…I know she is very caring.) I had such a great time catching up with her this weekend while capturing her senior pictures. I cannot wait to see where life takes you. I know it will be amazing. 2016-10-26_00812016-10-26_00822016-10-26_00832016-10-26_00842016-10-26_00852016-10-26_00862016-10-26_00872016-10-26_00882016-10-26_00892016-10-26_00902016-10-26_00912016-10-26_00922016-10-26_00932016-10-26_00942016-10-26_00952016-10-26_00962016-10-26_00972016-10-26_00982016-10-26_00992016-10-26_01002016-10-26_01012016-10-26_0102

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