Taliah-Senior-Salina Central

Alas, I have made it to the last blog of the day. Props if you have stuck it out with me and have checked them all out. You will really want to check this one out though! Taliah is gorgeous! I had no problem getting amazing pictures of her. She has a beautiful smile, but also has the smize that Tyrah Banks would be proud of. Check out some of her best shots! 2016-10-26_01222016-10-26_01232016-10-26_01242016-10-26_01252016-10-26_01262016-10-26_01272016-10-26_01282016-10-26_01292016-10-26_01302016-10-26_01312016-10-26_01322016-10-26_01332016-10-26_01342016-10-26_01352016-10-26_01362016-10-26_01372016-10-26_01382016-10-26_01392016-10-26_01402016-10-26_01412016-10-26_0142

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