Hannah & Ryan-Engagement-Gypsum, KS

I love a good love story. Even more than that, I love capturing a good love story. So here we go with Hannah and Ryan. I have known Hannah for a few years, and was thrilled to see she found an awesome guy to spend the rest of her life with. Ryan and Hannah actually met at Exit 14 Restaurant in Gypsum, so that seemed like a fitting place to start off their session. We also visited a sunflower field and Ryan’s family’s farm to finish the session off. I had a great time and cannot wait to shoot more for them at the next part of their love story- their wedding. Stay tuned. 2016-09-15_00012016-09-15_00022016-09-15_00032016-09-15_00042016-09-15_00052016-09-15_00062016-09-15_00072016-09-15_00082016-09-15_00092016-09-15_00102016-09-15_00112016-09-15_00122016-09-15_00132016-09-15_00142016-09-15_00152016-09-15_00162016-09-15_00172016-09-15_00182016-09-15_00192016-09-15_0020

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