Shaela-Salina Central High Senior

Time for another Senior! This lady is very special to me. I have had the honor of working with her as her mentor for about two years. Her smile and enthusiasm can light up a room. And, while I am not her mentor anymore, I am still excited to see how she is going to be changing lives in the future. We met up a few Saturday’s ago to get a few shots in and doesn’t she look amazing? Thanks for being so awesome Shaela! 2016-08-30_00322016-08-30_00332016-08-30_00342016-08-30_00352016-08-30_00362016-08-30_00372016-08-30_00382016-08-30_00392016-08-30_00402016-08-30_00412016-08-30_00422016-08-30_00432016-08-30_00442016-08-30_00452016-08-30_00462016-08-30_00472016-08-30_00482016-08-30_00492016-08-30_00502016-08-30_00512016-08-30_00522016-08-30_0053

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