Ellis Wedding-Weston, MO

When I think of perfect days for a wedding, I will now forever have to think about Lucas and Emelie’s June wedding. The weather was perfect, the skies were blue, the sunset was gorgeous, and the love was beautiful. The couple tied the knot at the Red Barn in Weston, Mo. This place was amazing, and fit these two so very well. I felt like it was impossible to take a bad picture! Enjoy of few of my favorites! 2016-08-09_00022016-08-09_00052016-08-09_00072016-08-09_00092016-08-09_00102016-08-09_00122016-08-09_00142016-08-09_00172016-08-09_00192016-08-09_00262016-08-09_00292016-08-09_00312016-08-09_00332016-08-09_00342016-08-09_00362016-08-09_00382016-08-09_00412016-08-09_00432016-08-09_00452016-08-09_00462016-08-09_00482016-08-09_00502016-08-09_00532016-08-09_00552016-08-09_00572016-08-09_00582016-08-09_00602016-08-09_00622016-08-09_00652016-08-09_00672016-08-09_00692016-08-09_00702016-08-09_00722016-08-09_00742016-08-09_00772016-08-09_00792016-08-09_00812016-08-09_00822016-08-09_00842016-08-09_00862016-08-09_00892016-08-09_00912016-08-09_00932016-08-09_00942016-08-09_00962016-08-09_00982016-08-09_01012016-08-09_0103

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