Cook Family-Salina, KS

Over the past few years of being in Salina, I have met some very amazing people. They have all helped make Salina more and more like home to me. Some of those amazing people include the Cook Family- Taylor, Christina, Danialle and the newest member- Tiana. They have all been such great friends to me, so getting to take some family pictures for them was an honor. Of course they were beautiful- even with Tiana’s many  many faces- and turned out great! Check out a few of my favorites! 2016-07-19_00012016-07-19_00022016-07-19_00032016-07-19_00042016-07-19_00052016-07-19_00062016-07-19_00072016-07-19_00082016-07-19_00092016-07-19_00102016-07-19_00112016-07-19_00122016-07-19_00132016-07-19_00142016-07-19_00152016-07-19_00162016-07-19_00172016-07-19_00182016-07-19_00192016-07-19_00202016-07-19_00212016-07-19_00222016-07-19_0023

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