Kendra & Steve-Engagement-Lindsborg,KS

It’s back! Photography season is back! (For me anyway!) What better way to kick off the season with a lovely couple.

I met up with Kendra and Steve in Lindsborg, where they both went to college. We started their session out at Coronado Heights. It was a little foggy, but it still made for some awesome pictures. After that, we headed down to the mill for a few more shots. We finished up down by the river where the two of them used to hang out when they were in Lindsborg. Kendra and I even convinced Steve to get into the river! It was well worth it!

These guys were so great! I am glad they found me and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this summer!

Enjoy some of my favorites!2016-03-23_00012016-03-23_00022016-03-23_00032016-03-23_00042016-03-23_00052016-03-23_00062016-03-23_00072016-03-23_00082016-03-23_00092016-03-23_00102016-03-23_00112016-03-23_00122016-03-23_00132016-03-23_00142016-03-23_00152016-03-23_00162016-03-23_00172016-03-23_00182016-03-23_00192016-03-23_00202016-03-23_00212016-03-23_00222016-03-23_00232016-03-23_00242016-03-23_00252016-03-23_00262016-03-23_00272016-03-23_00282016-03-23_00292016-03-23_0030

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