Abby & Ethan- Proposal- Manhattan, KS

I am super pumped to share this with you guys! I love getting to be a photographer. It means I get to capture some pretty special moments. A week ago tonight, I got to capture a special moment for one of my best friends.

I have known Abby for many many years. We met through 4-H, where we both attempted to show horses. I was a little bit older than her, but when I made one of my victory laps in college, she had started school in Manhattan. We reconnected and through growing faiths in the Lord, we got to be pretty great friends.

After I graduated, I remembered Abby telling me about this boy she liked, and about whether or not he was going to pursue her. Eventually he did. Enter Ethan.

I have loved watching their relationship grow. I know these two are so rock solid in their faith that I know God is going to do amazing things through them. I was solo excited to hear from Ethan that he was going to propose and that he wanted me to capture it for Abby. I made the trek to Manhattan and chilled in the strong wind and cold air as Ethan asked Abby the question she’d been waiting to hear. Of course, she said yes!

Thanks for letting me capture this night guys, and good luck in the future! 2016-01-28_00012016-01-28_00022016-01-28_00032016-01-25_00012016-01-28_00042016-01-28_00052016-01-28_00062016-01-28_0007

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