Margot Belle- Lifestyle Newborn-Ft. Riley, KS

I don’t think there is a better example of love than watching a family with their newborn. Everyone is so attentive and protective… it’s so beautiful. I was lucky enough to get to capture some of these moments for the Valencia family as spent an afternoon with Margot Belle. They are all so in love. It is so great! I hope these pictures capture that for you! 2015-12-09_00012015-12-09_00022015-12-09_00032015-12-09_00042015-12-09_00052015-12-09_00062015-12-09_00072015-12-09_00082015-12-09_00092015-12-09_00102015-12-09_00112015-12-09_00122015-12-09_00132015-12-09_00142015-12-09_00152015-12-09_00162015-12-09_00172015-12-09_00182015-12-09_00192015-12-09_00202015-12-09_00212015-12-09_00222015-12-09_0023

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