Margot Belle-Birth- Ft. Riley, KS

So, my fellow Kansasans- remember Thanksgiving weekend when mother nature covered our state in ice? Remember how it was awful trying to drive anywhere? Well, that was the weekend Miss Margot Belle decided she was going to make it into the world. I got a text from Cristina at about 2:40 in the morning on Sunday telling me they were headed to the hospital. So i jumped in my car and made the trek to Ft. Riley. Luckily, my drive wasn’t bad at all and I made it there before Margot did. Cristina wasn’t in labor long before they had her start pushing. Right when the nurse was recommending taking a break when Margot Belle decided it was time. She was a beautiful little girl and I am so excited to spend some more time with her tomorrow. Stay tuned for that and enjoy this birth story! 2015-12-07_00022015-12-07_00032015-12-07_00042015-12-07_00052015-12-07_00062015-12-07_00072015-12-07_00082015-12-07_00092015-12-07_00102015-12-07_00112015-12-07_00122015-12-07_00132015-12-07_00142015-12-07_00152015-12-07_0016

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