Coberly-Family-Manhattan, KS

One of my favorite things about my job is getting to see people come back to me for more photos. Not just for having more sessions, but getting to see the life changes and growth in both them and me. Last week I got to catch up with the Coberly Family in Manhattan. Last year, I was lucky enough to take Lane’s senior pictures, so it was great to see the whole family this time. (That also includes Holly Berry, their fabulous dog!) I loved that the campus was still gorgeous and we got some great photos! Check it out!2015-11-16_00012015-11-16_00022015-11-16_00032015-11-16_00042015-11-16_00052015-11-16_00072015-11-16_00062015-11-16_00082015-11-16_00092015-11-16_00102015-11-16_00112015-11-16_00122015-11-16_00132015-11-16_00142015-11-16_0015

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