2015-2016 Kansas FFA State Officer Team-Manhattan, KS

Based upon the many Facebook posts I have begun to see, National FFA Convention must be here. I have so many great memories of convention and FFA, so I know how amazing convention week can be! It also mans that this must be the perfect time to share this blog with you. 

Last weekend I met up with the current Kansas FFA State Officer team for their team pictures. I always have so much fun with this group, and this year was no exception!! Kyler, Karl, Lane, Dean, Gabby and Bailey were a blast to shoot with and we’re pretty great models! We hit up a few hot spots around Manhattan- Campus, the football stadium and Top of the World- to get some great shots. Here are a few of my favorites!2015-10-21_0092 2015-10-21_0093 2015-10-21_0094 2015-10-21_0095
2015-10-21_0096 2015-10-21_0097 2015-10-21_0098 2015-10-21_0099 2015-10-21_0100 2015-10-21_0101 2015-10-21_0102 2015-10-21_0103 2015-10-21_0104 2015-10-21_0105 2015-10-21_0106 2015-10-21_0107 2015-10-21_0108 2015-10-21_0109 2015-10-21_0110 2015-10-21_0111 2015-10-21_0112 2015-10-21_0113 2015-10-21_0114 2015-10-21_0115 2015-10-21_0116 2015-10-21_0117 2015-10-21_0118 2015-10-21_0119 2015-10-21_0120 2015-10-21_0121 2015-10-21_0122 2015-10-21_0123 2015-10-21_0124 2015-10-21_0125 2015-10-21_0126 2015-10-21_0127 2015-10-21_0128 2015-10-21_0129 2015-10-21_0130 2015-10-21_0131

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