Elliott-Birth-Salina, KS

I can hardly believe that this was a week ago!

I got a text in the morning from Shelby, saying that she was going to be checking into the hospital soon to deliver her and Kyle’s baby girl! So exciting. I headed to the hospital around 3 in the afternoon to capture these special moments. We initially thought that the birth would be pretty quick, but  several hours later,  Elliott had not arrived.

Finally around 8, the team of doctors swooped in and the pushing began. Not too long after that, Elliott made her way into the world. It was so amazing. I really cannot put into words how crazy of an experience witnessing a birth is. I feel so blessed to get to capture them!

Later the next day, I headed back up to the hospital to grab a few pictures of Maddox and family with their new bundle of joy. Big brother was already telling everyone that she was “his” baby. It is so clear that this girl is already so deeply loved!

Please enjoy a few moments from her birth!

2015-10-20_00012015-10-21_0001 2015-10-21_0002 2015-10-21_0003 2015-10-21_0004 2015-10-21_0005 2015-10-21_0006 2015-10-21_0007 2015-10-21_0008 2015-10-21_0009 2015-10-21_0011 2015-10-21_0012 2015-10-21_0013 2015-10-21_0014 2015-10-21_0016 2015-10-21_0017 2015-10-21_0018 2015-10-21_0019 2015-10-21_0021 2015-10-21_0022 2015-10-21_0023 2015-10-21_0024 2015-10-21_0025 2015-10-21_0026 2015-10-21_0027 2015-10-21_0028 2015-10-21_0029 2015-10-21_0030 2015-10-21_0031 2015-10-21_0032 2015-10-21_0034 2015-10-21_0035 2015-10-21_0036 2015-10-21_0037 2015-10-21_0040 2015-10-21_0041 2015-10-21_0042 2015-10-21_0044 2015-10-21_0045 2015-10-21_0046 2015-10-21_0047 2015-10-21_0048 2015-10-21_0049 2015-10-21_0050 2015-10-21_0051 2015-10-21_0052 2015-10-21_0053 2015-10-21_0054 2015-10-21_0055 2015-10-21_0056

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