Atchley Twins- Newborn-Wichita, KS

New life is so so very precious and such an amazing gift from God. What could be more precious? Two new lives.

My cousin Jacob and his wife Ashley welcomed home two new baby girls recently. Leia and Lucy made their way into the world and into their parents hearts forever. I had such a great time hanging out with all of them a couple times over the past few weeks capturing these precious moments. It is so crazy that even at this age, they still have such distinct personalities. Lucy with her dark hair is calm and sweet, and Leia is already letting her fiery side show with her big wide eyes and soft red hair. They are both such a joy, and I cannot wait to see where life takes them! Thanks for letting me capture this for you guys!

2015-09-11_0002 2015-09-11_0003 2015-09-11_0004 2015-09-11_0005
2015-09-11_0006 2015-09-11_0007 2015-09-11_0008 2015-09-11_0009 2015-09-11_0010 2015-09-11_0011 2015-09-11_00012015-09-11_0012 2015-09-11_0013 2015-09-11_0014 2015-09-11_0015 2015-09-11_0016 2015-09-11_0017 2015-09-11_0018 2015-09-11_0019 2015-09-11_0020 2015-09-11_0021 2015-09-11_0022 2015-09-11_0023 2015-09-11_0024 2015-09-11_0025 2015-09-11_0027

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