Keeping right up with the Senior theme I have going on- up next is my cousin Aaron.

I met up with Aaron in Wichita on a Saturday evening, and oh my gosh I could not believe this was my cousin! He has grown up so much it was hard to believe. Again.. just making me feel super old! Moving on…

Aaron really wanted to showcase his Grandpas Stingray in his pictures. I was happy to oblige. We took a few pictures with the car in Sedgwick County Park ( and even got grandpa to join.) After that we headed downtown to Old Town to finish up his session there.

It was a great time getting to know Aaron a little better and capturing him at this great time of life. Good luck this year Aaron, and enjoy the pictures!

2015-09-10_0001 2015-09-10_0002 2015-09-10_0003 2015-09-10_0004
2015-09-10_0005 2015-09-10_0006 2015-09-10_0007 2015-09-10_0008 2015-09-10_0009 2015-09-10_0010 2015-09-10_0011 2015-09-10_0012 2015-09-10_0013 2015-09-10_0014 2015-09-10_0015 2015-09-10_0016 2015-09-10_0017 2015-09-10_0018 2015-09-10_0019 2015-09-10_0020 2015-09-10_0021 2015-09-10_0022 2015-09-10_0023 2015-09-10_0024

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