Guys, this girl. She is so great! I love getting to check in on Brianne and her family when I get to take pictures for them. Brianne has been doing some great things including becoming an awesome livestock judger and continuing her reign as Kansas Hereford Queen. Pretty awesome, right? I caught up with Brianne and her mom a week or so ago at their home to catch a few Senior Portraits of Brianne and her Hereford before the fair started. We captured some great images, but I can’t wait to shoot some more this fall. Until then, check these out!

2015-07-24_0001 2015-07-24_00022015-07-24_0003 2015-07-24_0004
2015-07-24_0005 2015-07-24_0006 2015-07-24_0007 2015-07-24_0008 2015-07-24_0009 2015-07-24_0010 2015-07-24_0011 2015-07-24_0012 2015-07-24_0013 2015-07-24_0014 2015-07-24_0015 2015-07-24_0016 2015-07-24_0017 2015-07-24_0018 2015-07-24_0020

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