There is something just so beautiful about a maternity session. Getting to capture the moments right before a family grows is so exciting. Anticipation, love, beautiful.

I love being able to capture these moments for couples. One of those couples I was able to capture was my cousin Jacob and his beautiful wife Ashley. We met in a park near their home in Andover. Ashley is due next month to have twin baby girls! So exciting! They were so gracious to let me capture this special time in their lives. I cannot wait to meet these little ladies! They will be so loved and treasured.

Until then, enjoy these captured moments!

2015-07-13_0001 2015-07-13_0002 2015-07-13_0003 2015-07-13_0004
2015-07-13_0005 2015-07-13_0006 2015-07-13_0007 2015-07-13_0008 2015-07-13_0009 2015-07-13_0010 2015-07-13_0011 2015-07-13_0012 2015-07-13_0013 2015-07-13_0014 2015-07-13_0015 2015-07-13_0016 2015-07-13_0017 2015-07-13_0018 2015-07-13_0019 2015-07-13_0020 2015-07-13_0021 2015-07-13_0022 2015-07-13_0023 2015-07-13_0024 2015-07-13_0025 2015-07-13_0026 2015-07-13_0027 2015-07-13_0028 2015-07-13_0029 2015-07-13_0030

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