Ashley-Senior-Goessel, KS

Rounding out my trip to Goessel is Ashley. I met Ashley’s mom a couple years ago when I shot her Brother’s Senior Portraits. It was a very very cold day. That could not be said about Ashley’s day! It was very toasty! Ashley, however, is a CHAMP and didn’t let it bother her at all. We hit up a few locations-Her aunts home, some cool places in Goessel, and then-the classic wheat field. This one was currently being harvested by her family, so that made it extra cool. I love the pictures we made and can’t wait to do a few more this Fall!

2015-06-23_0049 2015-06-23_0050 2015-06-23_0051 2015-06-23_0052
2015-06-23_0053 2015-06-23_0054 2015-06-23_0055 2015-06-23_0056 2015-06-23_0057 2015-06-23_0058 2015-06-23_0059 2015-06-23_0060 2015-06-23_0061 2015-06-23_0062 2015-06-23_0063 2015-06-23_0064 2015-06-23_0065 2015-06-23_0066 2015-06-23_0067 2015-06-23_0068 2015-06-23_0069 2015-06-23_0070 2015-06-23_0071 2015-06-23_0072 2015-06-23_0073 2015-06-23_0074 2015-06-23_0075 2015-06-23_0076 2015-06-23_0077 2015-06-23_0078 2015-06-23_0079

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