Alyssa-Senior Rep-Goessel, KS

As I have said before, Seniors are my favorite. They are so so much fun. In an attempt to gain more senior clients, I like to run my Senior Rep program. One of my reps for this year is the stunning Miss Alyssa. We met up in a Goessel wheat field for her Mini Session. (I later heard that she was allergic to the wheat-yikes!) But, thankfully, she still rocked her session! Check out her pictures!

Also-Current and past clients! I am having a sale on prints for National Camera Day! Just use the code “Cameraday” to get 25% off of your print orders! The offer is good until July 4th!

2015-06-23_0001 2015-06-23_0002 2015-06-23_0003

2015-06-23_0004 2015-06-23_0005 2015-06-23_0006 2015-06-23_0007 2015-06-23_0008 2015-06-23_0009 2015-06-23_0010 2015-06-23_0011 2015-06-23_0012 2015-06-23_0013

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