Oppelt Wedding- Parsons, KS

I once heard that if it rains on your wedding day that it means that your marriage will be rich. I don’t know if that is true or not, but if so, Tiffany and Peter will be rollin’ soon.

(If this doesn’t happen guys, I am super sorry, but just like I cannot control the weather, I cannot control fate!)

All kidding aside, I had a wonderful  trip down to Parsons to celebrate their big day. The amount of detail and planning that Tiffany and Co. put into this day was obvious. What was more obvious is how much this couple loves each other.

Five minutes before the (outdoor) ceremony was supposed to start we were hit with a torrential downpour. Everyone efficiently moved into the reception tent to have the ceremony there instead. Even though it probably wasn’t what either of them imagined, I can say it was still one of the most beautiful weddings I had seen in a while. It was a great reminder for me of why I do this and care about it.

A wedding is not just about details. Cake goes stale, flowers wilt, dresses get muddy. What really and truly matters is Love. Commitment. Trust. It was really a blessing to get to capture those things for Tiffany and Peter. I know that they will forever be rich in those things.

2015-06-04_0002 2015-06-04_0005 2015-06-04_0008 2015-06-04_0009
2015-06-04_0011 2015-06-04_0013 2015-06-04_0016 2015-06-04_0018 2015-06-04_0021 2015-06-04_0023 2015-06-04_0024 2015-06-04_0031 2015-06-04_0034 2015-06-04_0036 2015-06-04_0039 2015-06-04_0043 2015-06-04_0046 2015-06-04_0047 2015-06-04_0053 2015-06-04_0061 2015-06-04_0064 2015-06-04_0069 2015-06-04_0071 2015-06-04_0075 2015-06-04_0078 2015-06-04_0081 2015-06-04_0082 2015-06-04_0084 2015-06-04_0086 2015-06-04_0091 2015-06-04_0093 2015-06-04_0095 2015-06-04_0097 2015-06-04_0099 2015-06-04_0101 2015-06-04_0103 2015-06-04_0106 2015-06-04_0107 2015-06-04_0109 2015-06-04_0113 2015-06-04_0115 2015-06-04_0117 2015-06-04_0119 2015-06-04_0121 2015-06-04_0124 2015-06-04_0125 2015-06-04_0126 2015-06-04_0127 2015-06-04_0131 2015-06-04_0132 2015-06-04_0134 2015-06-04_0137 2015-06-04_0141 2015-06-04_0143 2015-06-04_0145 2015-06-04_0147 2015-06-04_0150 2015-06-04_0156 2015-06-04_0159 2015-06-04_0162 2015-06-04_0165

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