Rachael & Adam-Engagement-Salina, K

Patience. That is something I struggle with ALOT. I like to get things done. Thankfully, my clients tend to be pretty patient with me and the weather. Rachael and Adam are no exception to that. After rescheduling countless times due to yucky weather, we finally were able to get their engagement session done. We met up at the Elementary School where Rachael and Adam actually met many years ago when they were young. After taking a few pictures there we head to Sunset Park to finish up. I’m so glad they allowed me to be picky about the weather so we could get so,e awesome pictures. Check them out!2015-06-01_0001 2015-06-01_0002 2015-06-01_0003 2015-06-01_0004
2015-06-01_0005 2015-06-01_0006 2015-06-01_0007 2015-06-01_0008 2015-06-01_0009 2015-06-01_0010 2015-06-01_0011 2015-06-01_0012 2015-06-01_0013 2015-06-01_0014 2015-06-01_0015 2015-06-01_0016 2015-06-01_0017 2015-06-01_0018 2015-06-01_0019 2015-06-01_0020

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