Christian & Amanda- Engagement- Salina, KS

So, since I have moved to Salina, I have been blessed by some pretty amazing community. I was lucky enough to find a great group of people at my church who let me into their friendship where they encourage each other to pursue strongly after Christ. Among that great group of friends are two that I am so thrilled that I know- Christian and Amanda. Not only have they been great friends, but it has been awesome to see them build their relationship around Christ. I was so excited when Christian informed me that he was proposing to Amanda, overjoyed when she said yes and even more excited when they asked me to be their photographer.

We decided to hit up some spots downtown in Salina- including a few stops on Santa Fe and a really awesome spot on a side street. After that, we headed out to Coronado Heights, where they have gone on many dates, to catch some wide open beauty and a sunset.

I have so enjoyed getting to know these two, I hope you can get a sample of just how sweet and kind they are in these photos! Enjoy!

2015-05-07_0001 2015-05-07_0002 2015-05-07_0003 2015-05-07_0004
2015-05-07_0005 2015-05-07_0006 2015-05-07_0007 2015-05-07_0008 2015-05-07_0009 2015-05-07_0010 2015-05-07_0012 2015-05-07_0013 2015-05-07_0014 2015-05-07_0015 2015-05-07_0016 2015-05-07_0017 2015-05-07_0018 2015-05-07_0019 2015-05-07_0020 2015-05-07_0021 2015-05-07_0022

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