John & Jackie- Engagement-Wichita,KS

I love spring. I promise you I do. It always holds the promise of sunny days, gorgeous flowers and green green grass. It also holds the promise of rain. This spring has held pretty tightly to that promise over the last few weeks, which has led me to have to do a lot of rescheduling of sessions. However, that was not the case with Jackie and John.

We met up in Wichita for their engagement session last Saturday. We met at Anchor in downtown, where John proposed to Jackie! After experiencing downtown Wichita in all it’s glory on a Saturday evening, we headed west to Swanson park. There, Toby, Jackie’s dog, got to come out and play! I hadn’t been to Swanson park before, so it was great to see a cute nature-y place in the city,

I had such a fun time getting to know these two. I cannot wait until their wedding in September. So, until then, enjoy some of my faves from the day!

2015-04-30_0001 2015-04-30_0002 2015-04-30_0003 2015-04-30_0004
2015-04-30_0005 2015-04-30_0006 2015-04-30_0007 2015-04-30_0008 2015-04-30_0010 2015-04-30_0011 2015-04-30_0012 2015-04-30_0013 2015-04-30_0014 2015-04-30_0015 2015-04-30_0016 2015-04-30_0017 2015-04-30_0018 2015-04-30_0019 2015-04-30_0020 2015-04-30_0021 2015-04-30_0022 2015-04-30_0024 2015-04-30_0025 2015-04-30_0026 2015-04-30_0027 2015-04-30_0028 2015-04-30_0029 2015-04-30_0030

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