Addison-Hospital Session-Chanute, KS

Somedays the middle of your week just needs to be brightened. The arrival of a new precious baby can do the trick pretty quickly.

I have been patiently waiting to get the call that my cousin Caleb’s wife Shayla was going into labor. ( I was hoping for a pre-Easter baby, but hey, a few days later works fine!) On Thursday afternoon, Shayla gave birth to this beautiful 8lb 7oz baby girl and decided to name her Addison Joy.

So far, in her few days she has been here, she has already spread such joy. I may be a little biased, but I think she’s pretty darn cute. Please enjoy some of the pictures from their hospital session!

2015-04-13_0001 2015-04-13_0002 2015-04-13_0003 2015-04-13_0004 2015-04-13_0005
2015-04-13_0006 2015-04-13_0007 2015-04-13_0008 2015-04-13_0009 2015-04-13_0010 2015-04-13_0011 2015-04-13_0012 2015-04-13_0013 2015-04-13_0014 2015-04-13_0015 2015-04-13_0016 2015-04-13_0017 2015-04-13_0018 2015-04-13_0019 2015-04-13_0020 2015-04-13_0021 2015-04-13_0022 2015-04-13_0023 2015-04-13_0024 2015-04-13_0025 2015-04-13_0026 2015-04-13_0027 2015-04-13_0028 2015-04-13_0029

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