McHugh Family/Newborn-Fort Riley, KS

Man, some days I just especially love my job. Some days I get to work with some awesome people and we get to make some beautiful pictures. Working with Angela and her family was for sure one of those experiences. While it might have taken just a little bit of patience, the outcome was so worth it. Her adorable daughters made for some of my favorite pictures I have made in a while. We worked at their home for Eloise’s newborn portraits, and then went outside and endured a little chill for some gorgeous light to capture some magical moments. One of which was featured at Beyond the Wanderlust’s blog.

Seriously, enjoy these images. I know I have.

2015-02-18_0006 2015-02-18_0007 2015-02-18_0009 2015-02-18_0008 2015-02-18_0010
2015-02-18_0011 2015-02-18_0005 2015-02-18_0012 2015-02-18_0016 2015-02-18_0013 2015-02-18_0014 2015-02-18_0015 2015-02-15_0001 2015-02-18_0017 2015-02-18_0018 2015-02-18_0019 2015-02-18_0020 2015-02-18_0021 2015-02-18_0022 2015-02-18_0023 2015-02-18_0003 2015-02-18_0004 2015-02-18_0002 2015-02-18_0001 2015-02-18_0024 2015-02-18_0025 2015-02-18_0026 2015-02-18_0027 2015-02-18_0028

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