Eloise-Birth-Ft. Riley, KS

I maybe had some panic set in after I agreed to shoot the birth of Mike and Angela’s 3rd child. I knew I was capable… but what was I getting myself into? Most of my panic was that I was going to be asleep and sleep right through messages that Angela was going into labor.

Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

After about a week of contractions, the doctors decided to break Angela’s water on Tuesday afternoon. I raced to (first Manhattan by mistake) Ft. Riley to capture the birth. While we thought the baby would be arriving pretty quickly, Eloise had other ideas. Through many, many hours of pain and discomfort, Angela stood strong waiting for her to be ready. It was amazing to see Mike’s support for her though her pain. Finally, near midnight, it was finally time to push. Eloise made her debut and man is she gorgeous!

Over all, this was probably one of my favorite things I have ever captured. The emotions and pure joy that I was able to shoot were just fantastic. Thanks so much Mike and Angela for letting me hang out with you guys. I can’t wait to see you both and all three of your gorgeous daughters for your shoot next week. 🙂

2015-02-05_0001 2015-02-05_0002  2015-02-05_0004 2015-02-05_0005 2015-02-05_0006
2015-02-05_0007    2015-02-05_0011  2015-02-05_0013 2015-02-05_0014 2015-02-05_0015 2015-02-05_0016 2015-02-05_0017 2015-02-05_0018 2015-02-05_0019 2015-02-05_0020 2015-02-05_0021 2015-02-05_0022 2015-02-05_0023 2015-02-05_0024 2015-02-05_0025 2015-02-05_0026 2015-02-05_0027 2015-02-05_0028 2015-02-05_0029 2015-02-05_0030 2015-02-05_0031 2015-02-05_0032 2015-02-05_0033 2015-02-05_0034 2015-02-05_0035 2015-02-05_0036 2015-02-05_0037 2015-02-05_0038 2015-02-05_0039 2015-02-05_0040 2015-02-05_0041 2015-02-05_0042 2015-02-05_0043 2015-02-05_0044 2015-02-05_0045 2015-02-05_0046 2015-02-05_0047 2015-02-05_0048

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