Some days are just really big blessings. Yesterday was definitely one of those days especially for my older brother Mike and his wife Shawna.

You see, just over two years ago, Mike and Shawna were expecting a baby girl. They had already picked out a name, Trinity, and were more than ready for her to be home. Sadly. that moment never came. Prior to her delivery date Trinity passed away.

It left many in our family so very saddened. Mike and Shawna never gave up hope though. They knew that God was good and they could trust him.

That trust led to yesterday. Shawna delivered a beautiful, healthy, 6 pound, 7 ounce, 18 inch baby boy, and named him Dakota Michael Lee Bouché. He carries the name of his father and also my father, who passed away almost six years ago.

I am just so thankful. Our family has seen a lot of pain and days like these are just so beautiful. I praise God for just how amazing he is and that baby Dakota grows strong in him.

Here are just a few of my favorite photos from Dakota’s big day.

2014-12-17_0001 2014-12-17_0002 2014-12-17_0003 2014-12-17_0004
2014-12-17_0005 2014-12-17_0006 2014-12-17_0007 2014-12-17_0008 2014-12-17_0009 2014-12-17_0010 2014-12-17_0011 2014-12-17_0012 2014-12-17_0013 2014-12-17_0014 2014-12-17_0015 2014-12-17_0016 2014-12-17_0017 2014-12-17_0018 2014-12-17_0019 2014-12-17_0020 2014-12-17_0021 2014-12-17_0022 2014-12-17_0023 2014-12-17_0024 2014-12-17_0025 2014-12-17_0026

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