Linville Wedding-Salina, KS

Oh man, what a beautiful day Jill and Daniel had for their wedding! It was a little chilly, but the sun was shining and Fall was showing off the best it could for the couple. Jill and Daniel said their vows at Blue Heaven Studio in Salina. We also traveled to Oakdale Park to grab some portraits of the couple and their bridal party. After the ceremony, the party moved to Lindsborg for their reception. It was all gorgeous! Plus-we were treated to some amazing coffee that Daniel brewed himself! So much fun! Anyway- enjoy some more pictures from their big day!

2014-11-14_00022014-11-14_0004 2014-11-14_0005 2014-11-14_0006
2014-11-14_0008 2014-11-14_0010 2014-11-14_0012 2014-11-14_0013 2014-11-14_0015 2014-11-14_0016 2014-11-14_0018 2014-11-14_0019 2014-11-14_0026 2014-11-14_0028 2014-11-14_0030 2014-11-14_0031 2014-11-14_0032 2014-11-14_0034 2014-11-14_0036 2014-11-14_0039 2014-11-14_0042 2014-11-14_0043 2014-11-14_0045 2014-11-14_0046 2014-11-14_0048 2014-11-14_0051 2014-11-14_0057 2014-11-14_0058

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