Brandon & Kelsi-Engagement-Manhattan, KS

Brandon and Kelsi. I love these two. I have had the awesome experience of having them on the other side of my camera not once, not twice, but three times before their engagement session. ( My favorite would have to be when I shot their proposal though!) They are always beautiful and fantastic to work with, and Friday was no exception. We met in Manhattan on campus at Kansas State to begin their session. They fall colors were rocking and the weather was perfect! After we took a few shots there we headed to Anneburg park to finish up the session. It was so much fun and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

2014-11-12_0001 2014-11-12_0002 2014-11-12_0003 2014-11-12_0004
2014-11-12_0005 2014-11-12_0006 2014-11-12_0007 2014-11-12_0008 2014-11-12_0009 2014-11-12_0010 2014-11-12_0011 2014-11-12_0012 2014-11-12_0013 2014-11-12_0014 2014-11-12_0015 2014-11-12_0016 2014-11-12_0017 2014-11-12_0018 2014-11-12_0019 2014-11-12_0020 2014-11-12_0021 2014-11-12_0022 2014-11-12_0023 2014-11-12_0024 2014-11-12_0025 2014-11-12_0026

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