Suite 203 Kenoyer Gals-Portrait Session-Manhattan, KS

Over the past few years I have had the privilege to have one of my best friends living in the residence halls and attending Manhattan Christian College. Through her time there I have been able to meet some of the most amazing young women on fire for God I have ever met. So I was super excited when she asked me to take the suite pictures of the girls that she is RA to. We met up last week and had a ton of fun capturing some moments for these girls to share and remember their time together. Here are just a few of the many I loved!

2014-11-10_0002 2014-11-10_0004 2014-11-10_0007 2014-11-10_0008
2014-11-10_0010 2014-11-10_0012 2014-11-10_0014 2014-11-10_0017 2014-11-10_0019 2014-11-10_0021 2014-11-10_0023 2014-11-10_0025 2014-11-10_0027 2014-11-10_0028 2014-11-10_0029 2014-11-10_0032 2014-11-10_0034 2014-11-10_0035 2014-11-10_0037 2014-11-10_0039 2014-11-10_0043 2014-11-10_0044 2014-11-10_0046 2014-11-10_0049 2014-11-10_0051 2014-11-10_0053 2014-11-10_0055

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