Sadee & Rex-Engagement- Russell, KS

Another day, another engagement session. Just kidding this one was awesome! Mostly because it was one with my great friend Sadee and her finace, Rex. We met up in Russell last weekend to take a few photos for them after Sadee’s family session. I have been really excited to shoot this session for a long time! Mostly because it would mean Rex finally proposed to this awesome girl! We visited a few places around Russell before ending up at Sadee’s grandmas house. I loved getting a few shots of them in the Rex’s Antique truck. It was a lot of fun and I know its going to be even more fun getting to be a part of their wedding in April!

2014-10-31_0014 2014-10-31_0015 2014-10-31_0016 2014-10-31_0017 2014-10-31_0018
2014-10-31_0019 2014-10-31_0020 2014-10-31_0021 2014-10-31_0022 2014-10-31_0023 2014-10-31_0024 2014-10-31_0025 2014-10-31_0026 2014-10-31_0027 2014-10-31_0028 2014-10-31_0029 2014-10-31_0030 2014-10-31_0031 2014-10-31_0032 2014-10-31_0033 2014-10-31_0034 2014-10-31_0035

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