Austin- Senior-Fredonia, KS

Oh how they grow up so fast! It is hard to believe that the little kid in my 4-H club has grown into a young man getting ready to graduate from Fredonia High School! Austin met up with me on Saturday to shoot his senior pictures. It was great getting to shoot around my hometown with such a great guy! It was fun getting to show off Austin’s Sax! It was a great day and I hope you enjoy this sneak preview!

2014-10-16_0007 2014-10-16_0008 2014-10-16_0009 2014-10-16_0010
2014-10-16_0011 2014-10-16_0012 2014-10-16_0013 2014-10-16_0014 2014-10-16_0015 2014-10-16_0016 2014-10-16_0017 2014-10-16_0018

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