Carrie & Matt-Engagement-McPherson, KS

Last week, I got to adventure down to McPherson Kansas to hang out with Matt and his gorgeous fiancé, Carrie. We met at Carrie’s aunt and uncles farm. This place was gorgeous! There were so many great spots for photos, plus- this couple was rocking it! I had so much fun capturing some moments for these guys! I really hope you enjoy this sneak peek!

2014-08-28_0001 2014-08-28_0002 2014-08-28_0003 2014-08-28_0004
2014-08-28_0005 2014-08-28_0006 2014-08-28_0007 2014-08-28_0008 2014-08-28_0009 2014-08-28_0010 2014-08-28_0011 2014-08-28_0012

3 thoughts on “Carrie & Matt-Engagement-McPherson, KS

  1. Nancy Jo Cedillo says:

    Can’t begin to tell you how perfectly you captured the Carrie I know. Can’t stop crying, fell ALL the love here. Great job!!

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