I love traveling. I love seeing new things. I love hiking. I love seeing some of God’s masterpiece up close and personal. A few weekends ago, I along with my friend Michelle got to check that out in Colorado. We spent some time hiking to St. Mary’s glacier and some time in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes park. There, we saw Bear Lake, Alberta Falls and- the best of all- a real life wild bear! Below are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend. I hope they show just a little of the beauty I was able to experience!2014-08-17_0003 2014-08-17_0004 2014-08-17_0005 2014-08-17_0006
2014-08-17_0007 2014-08-17_0008 2014-08-17_0009 2014-08-17_0010 2014-08-17_0011 2014-08-17_0012 2014-08-17_0013 2014-08-17_0014 2014-08-17_0015 2014-08-17_0016 2014-08-17_0017 2014-08-17_0018 2014-08-17_0019 2014-08-17_0020

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