Newville-Family-Concordia, KS

Families are always a lot of fun. They are even more fun when they are my family! Last week, I traveled up to Concordia  to take a few pictures of my cousin Kyle, his wife Shelby and their adorable son Maddox. If you don’t remember from a past blog, I had the honor of taking pictures of Maddox when he was a newborn. He was cute then and still pretty darn cute now. We played around in a few parks and I caught some pretty cute faces from this one year old. It was a ton of fun! Enjoy! 🙂

2014-08-07_0013 2014-08-07_0014 2014-08-07_0015 2014-08-07_0016
2014-08-07_0017 2014-08-07_0018 2014-08-07_0019 2014-08-07_0020 2014-08-07_0021 2014-08-07_0022

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