Jill & Daniel-Engagement-Salina,KS

As you all know, I love shooting engagement sessions and weddings. Making awesome pictures is great, but the real joy behind it all is getting to know a couple and their story. Sometimes I get to combine that story into their pictures and we create something really awesome that will help keep that story captured for life.

Cue Jill and Daniel. The first place we went for their engagement session was their school, KU Med Salina.mwe ventured onto the second floor to a couch. Now, there was nothing really cute or amazing about this couch, but it is where they spent many many hours together. They studied and built a bond there together. Forever it will hold those memories and it was awesome to capture that. We ventured around the Salina area after that and made some amazing pictures. However, I think the couch ones will always be my favorite. You judge and enjoy the rest of their preview!!

2014-08-07_0001 2014-08-07_0002 2014-08-07_0003 2014-08-07_0004 2014-08-07_0005 2014-08-07_0006 2014-08-07_0007 2014-08-07_0008 2014-08-07_0009 2014-08-07_0010 2014-08-07_0011

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