Kelsey- Potrait- Salina, KS

Kelsey is one gorgeous girl. She is also one very talented photographer. I first met Kelsey when I moved to Massachusetts for photography school. As a girl from Colorado, we bonded over similar backgrounds and future dreams. Fast froward 3 years and she is now ready to really launch her photography business, Kelsey Nelson Photography. This last weekend she got to come down and visit me, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some new pictures in! Please enjoy a few of my favorites and the. Go check out Kelsey’s amazing talent.

2014-08-03_0001 2014-08-03_0002 2014-08-03_0003
2014-08-03_0004 2014-08-03_0005 2014-08-03_0006 2014-08-03_0007 2014-08-03_0008

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