Henne Wedding- Manhattan,KS

I love beautiful days. I love beautiful weddings on beautiful days. I love beautiful couples having beautiful weddings on beautiful days. Luckily for me, Kevin and Carla fit that exactly. Their wedding on the last Saturday in July was classic, beautiful and fit Kevin and Carla perfectly.  Carla’s soft colors if t perfectly with her wildly gorgeous bouquet. The couple was married at Seven Dolores Catholic Church and then danced the night away at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. I loved capturing their day and wish the. Both a lifetime of happiness!

2014-07-31_0002 2014-07-31_0004 2014-07-31_0006  2014-07-31_0009
2014-07-31_0010 2014-07-31_0012 2014-07-31_0013 2014-07-31_0014 2014-07-31_0015 2014-07-31_0016 2014-07-31_0017 2014-07-31_0020 2014-07-31_0021 2014-07-31_0028 2014-07-31_0030 2014-07-31_0031 2014-07-31_0032 2014-07-31_0033 2014-07-31_0035 2014-07-31_0036 2014-07-31_0041 2014-07-31_0045 2014-07-31_0046 2014-07-31_0048 2014-07-31_0052 2014-07-31_0053

Ceremony: Seven Dolores Catholic Church

Reception: Flint Hills Discovery Center

Tuxes: Borck Brothers

Bridesmaids Dresses:David’s Bridal

Brides Dress: The Gown Gallery

Cake & Cupcakes- 4 Cakes

Catering: Famous Dave’s

Flowers: Kistners

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