Niccole-Senior-Kansas City, MO

Niccole is seriously so much fun. For real. I don’t think there was one moment during her senior session that we weren’t laughing and having a great time. Plus, she is gorgeous and a natural in front of the camera. AND she is super skilled and made a few of her outfits herself. She suggested we start at the Kauffman Memorial Gardens in Kansas City. Talk about beautiful! It was a gorgeous place filled with so much that I couldn’t wait to capture. Then, we ventured down onto the Plaza to get a few urban shots.

I loved everything about Niccole’s senior session! Please enjoy checking out a few of my favorites!

2014-08-01_0016 2014-08-01_0017 2014-08-01_0018 2014-08-01_0019
2014-08-01_0020 2014-08-01_0021 2014-08-01_0022 2014-08-01_0023 2014-08-01_0024 2014-08-01_0025 2014-08-01_0026 2014-08-01_0027 2014-08-01_0028 2014-08-01_0029 2014-08-01_0030 2014-08-01_0031 2014-08-01_0032 2014-08-01_0033 2014-08-01_0034

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