2UW Brush Creek Ranch-Westmoreland,KS

Growing up, it was not uncommon to find me on the back of a horse. I loved competing in rodeos, going on trail rides, and just spending time on with my favorite animal, my horse. Time and circumstance (aka being a recent college grad with not a lot of funds) has let me not be able to be around my equine friends all the time, so when I got a chance to attend a group shoot at the 2UW Branch Creek Ranch in Westmoreland, I jumped at the chance. I had a fantastic time with Ceci & Channing and their gorgeous horses.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did! 🙂

2014-07-17_0015 2014-07-17_0014 2014-07-17_0013 2014-07-17_0012
2014-07-17_0011 2014-07-17_0010 2014-07-17_0009 2014-07-17_0008 2014-07-17_0007 2014-07-17_0006 2014-07-17_0005 2014-07-17_0004 2014-07-17_0003 2014-07-17_0002 2014-07-17_0001 2014-07-16_0006 2014-07-16_0005 2014-07-16_0004 2014-07-16_0003 2014-07-16_0002 2014-07-16_0001

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