Lana & Caleb-Couple Session-Manhattan, KS

Lana & Caleb. If you attend K-State football games, you might remember them as the couple that got engaged by Bill Snyder’s statue last fall. If not, let me just tell you, they are a lot of fun. After several attempts to get their couple session in, we finally got it! I am glad it worked out because I am loving how their session turned out. Of course, we had to visit Bill, along with some other classic K-State spots on campus and a tour around Aggieville before ending up at the always gorgeous Top of the World. Lots of places meant lots of laughs with these two. Enjoy!

2014-06-12_0001 2014-06-12_0002 2014-06-12_0003 2014-06-12_0004 2014-06-12_0005 2014-06-12_0006 2014-06-12_0007 2014-06-12_0008 2014-06-12_0010 2014-06-12_0011 2014-06-12_0012 2014-06-12_0013 2014-06-12_0014 2014-06-12_0015 2014-06-12_0016 2014-06-12_0017

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