Lexi & Wade-Engagement Session- Manhattan, KS

I had a fantastic time getting some engagement shots with Lexi and Wade last week in Manhattan. Being that I started my business in Manhattan, I sometimes feel like I get stuck in a rut of going to the same places to do pictures. Some places, like campus, you just HAVE to visit. However, Lexi and Wade introduced me to a new area, The Rocky Ford Fishing area. Not only was this a great place for pictures, but also somewhere that meant a lot to Wade, so it was really fun to incorporate his love of fishing into their session. I hope you enjoy this preview!

2014-06-08_0018 2014-06-08_0019 2014-06-08_0020 2014-06-08_0021 2014-06-08_0022 2014-06-08_0023 2014-06-08_0024 2014-06-08_0025 2014-06-08_0026 2014-06-08_0027 2014-06-08_0028 2014-06-08_0029 2014-06-08_0030 2014-06-08_0031 2014-06-08_0032

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