Niccole- Olathe North Senior Rep- Olathe, KS

Guys, I am so excited to introduce you to my first Senior Rep of the year, Miss Niccole! She will be reaping me to her high school, Olathe North, for the next year! I had a great time hiking around a park on Garry L. Haller Trail with her for her mini session. Niccole loves the outdoors so we made sure to shoot some pictures that really captured that!  I am so pumped to have her on the team this year! Speaking of which, I am still looking for more reps! My reps get discounts on their pictures, plus chances to earn prizes like visa cards, free pictures, iTunes cards, iPods and even an iPad mini! for more information feel free to email me or check out the link above to the Senior Rep Application. There, you can apply to join Niccole and my other team members! 🙂












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