Katie & Curtis-APW, Phoenix, AZ

Have you ever been thirsty? And in order  to get a drink take a drink from a rushing fire hydrant? Probably not. But that is probably to closest example of how I felt after attending my first Imaging USA in Phoenix last week. It was BLAST! I learned so so much that I am still (over a week later) trying to sort through and decide what to implement into my business. Professional photographers from all over the world, vendors with awesome products, beautiful scenery… yea, it was a great week.

While I was down in the valley of the sun, I was able to meet up with some photographers to do a workshop shoot in the desert at South Mountain Park in Phoenix. It was a great way to kick off the week, learning from each other and being able to see how each of us works with our subjects.  Katie and Curtis (who both have lived in Kansas at one point!) were beautiful models who provided some great moments to capture.

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot! Enjoy them, and I promise to post more images from Arizona later! 🙂

arizona_apw-068 copy

arizona_apw-102 copy

arizona_apw-114 copy

arizona_apw-124 copy

arizona_apw-138 copy

arizona_apw-141 copy

arizona_apw-145 copy

arizona_apw-162 copy

arizona_apw-166 copy

arizona_apw-245 copy


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