Merry Christmas!

Everyone, my absolute favorite few days of the year are finally here! Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love getting to bake cookies, see all my friends and family, celebrate the birth of my Savior, give gifts, listen to Christmas music, and, with the lovely storm we got this weekend, play in the snow! It is just a fantastic time to sit back and recognize how truly blessed I am.

I have an amazing family that loves and supports me.

I have so many wonderful friends that have been there for me countless times.

I am able to buy gifts for those friends and family members.

I have an apartment that I can decorate with Christmas cheer.

I have a vehicle that can take me home through this snow to see my family.

I get the pleasure of living my dream of being a full time photographer and make a living at it.

I have a Savior, who loves and forgives me of my sins, even though I know I don’t deserve it.

So many things I take for granted everyday, and sometimes I complain about how my life just isn’t exactly what I want, but it is exactly what I need. I want to encourage you all to think about some of the blessings that you all have over this Christmas time. Never take them for granted. Also, think about ways you could help those that are in need this time of year. But most of all, have a wonderful Christmas.


Also, enjoy these fun Christmas pictures my brother, sister and I took for my mom this Christmas! 🙂

christmas13-025 copy_1

christmas13-029 copy_1

christmas13-034 copy_1

christmas13-042 copy_1

christmas13-050 copy_1

christmas13-053 copy_1

christmas13-087 copy_1

christmas13-090 copy_1

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