Trevor-Senior- Fredonia, KS

Once again I was able to meet up with Trevor, one of my senior reps for 2014. I was slightly worried we were going to get rained out, but the weather held out and we got to make some awesome pictures. Trevor wanted to shoot his pictures at his families home. It was a blast as I got to see a lot of the things that Trevor is into, including his bow, his gun, his dog and, of course, his truck! It is always really cool to take pictures at a place that is special to the person, as it will add more and more meaning to the photos over time. Anyway, Trevor is a pretty cool guy and is going to do great things with his life. Thanks for letting me take your Senior Pictures and check out some of my favorites!

Trevor-008 copy

Trevor-022 copy

Trevor-034 copy

Trevor-086 copy

Trevor-126 copy

Trevor-161 copy

Trevor-182 copy

Trevor-240 copy

Trevor-270 copy

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